Sunday 3 July 2016

Quick Tip: Repairing Watercolour Pans

Ok, I know for many people this is stating the obvious, but I also know those new to watercolour don't necessarily know this, so here goes. If you use half-pans or have a little field set of them that you don't use often, you'll probably find the blocks of extruded paint fall out of the pans and getting them to stay in can be a real issue in the field. Some people try wetting the bottom but that doesn't hold them in very well - there's a really easy way to do it that doesn't damage or waste the paint.

There's only one product you need - Gum Arabic Solution (around £8 to £9, which is currently [2nd July 2016] US$10-11; €9-10; CAN$14-15 or AUS$14-15), which is one of the most useful watercolour mediums you could ever need. Full details of how to do it are in the video below.

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