Monday 25 July 2016

GIVEAWAY! Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour in 017 Aurora Yellow

Aurora Yellow was a two-pigment (Cadmium zinc sulfide and Cadmium sulfide) just-warm-of-neutral opaque mid-yellow that Winsor and Newton discontinued in 1996. I have several tubes of it that I managed to obtain in a clearance not long ago. These are very rare and hard to come by, and I'm giving some of them away as follows:

* I will make as many spot-cards of 017 Aurora Yellow as people request it on this youtube video's comments.

* If you want a whole tube to yourself, just subscribe to my blog (box at the top of the right column) AND to my YouTube channel and then comment on this video by 2359h BST Sunday 31st July, saying why you want to win it. You must be over 13 years old to enter. Anyone under 18 will, if they win, need to nominate an over-18 to receive the paint as it contains two cadmium pigments. If you're not subscribed to both my blog AND my channel by the closing date, you're unfortunately not eligible to enter, sorry.

[Please note the tubes are from the 1980s - all the ones I've opened are totally fine inside, but obviously I cannot guarantee the contents - if they have separated from the binder, just stir before use]

Good luck!

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