Saturday 13 August 2016

Apologies for the radio silence

I just wanted to quickly respond as a few people have messaged me in the last week to see why I've not posted any new videos and have generally been quiet. In short, I had an operation last Friday and whilst I was back home the same day, I ended up having some complications and needed further work doing on Thursday this week. I've spent the last week in a lot of pain on top of my normal daily pain and so I've had to cut back on what I've been doing - videos being a major part of that. I've also not been speaking normally until the last few days as a result of the surgery so I couldn't record anything anyway. I'm hoping to get my mojo back in the next couple of days ;)

Sunday 7 August 2016

Prima Watercolours - Haul-To-Come-Soon!

I have just seen that the Prima Watercolor Confections are on some amazing deals at the moment and I've subsequently ordered the "Tropicals" and the "Decadent Pies" palettes! They are reduced on Amazon UK from £48.60 (which seems a lot, given the quality) to £14.13 - which is probably less than the price of the metal palettes, so well worth it for that alone. Lindsay The Frugal Crafter has done pretty cool reviews of these paints and I'll be reviewing them once here too - I'm mostly curious about the quality but I really just wanted a couple of cheap palettes!

You can buy them online if you want to take advantage of the current discounts!
From Amazon UK
(discounted from £48.60 to £14.13 per palette at the time of writing!)
From Amazon USA
(discounted from $25.00 to $23.34 per palette at the moment)

Monday 1 August 2016

Winner of Winsor & Newton Aurora Yellow watercolour paint

So further to the little YouTube Giveaway that I ran over the last couple of weeks, it's time to announce the winner of a very rare tube of Winsor & Newton Aurora Yellow watercolour paint - discontinued over 20 years ago!

I took the usernames of all the people who'd commented on the video AND subscribed to my blog AND YouTube channel, put your names into a spreadsheet, generated a random number in the next cell using the software then sorted them highest to lowest - the easiest way to pick someone totally at random was to do this then take the one at the top of the list:

Joe Maysky

As I'm going to be away for a short time from Friday onwards this week, I won't be able to ship it until next week - and I will be asking for addresses for spot-cards next week too for all the people who requested them.

There will be another giveaway in about 2 weeks time, so keep an eye out for it!