Saturday 2 July 2016

Forgotten Friends Challenge: Part I

So I've already posted the rules of the game, now it's time to show my own colour selection! They are all from the Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour range:

Naples Yellow (422)
This is a mix of Titanium White (PW6) and Chrome Antimony Titanate (PBr24) and is a beautiful semi-opaque yellow, much like sand at sunset. For sand normally I would use Titanium Buff, but that's not available in this range.

Bismuth Yellow (025)
This a pure pigment - Bismuth Vanadate (PY184), which is often found in Cad Yellow Hues in cheap student sets. It's a wonderful vivid near opaque yellow but I've never found a use for it.

Indigo (322)
This is faux-indigo, made of a mix of Phthalocyanine Blue (PB15), Carbon Black (PBk6) and Quinacridone Violet (PV19). The real thing is an extract of Indigofera tinctoria L. (the true indigo), which is costly to produce, so most denim products these days are stained with synthetic indigo, which would make a much more granulating paint.

Potter's Pink (537)
This is a very heavily granulating earth pink made of Chromium Tin Silicate (PR233) - this is a very hydrophobic pigment which is why it clumps so much - I will be interested to see if adding oxgall improves this and makes it a more useful colour.

Perylene Green (460)
This is very, very dark, staining green that is black in mass-tone. It is made of Paliogen Black (PBk31) - when diluted you can get a decent transparent dark green.

Sepia (609)
This is another faux colour as real Sepia is derived from the ink of members of the genus Sepia L. (cuttlefish), but this is a mixture of Carbon Black (PBk6) and Synthetic Iron Oxide (PR101). I think it might be useful for shadows in the evening sun as it has a lovely warmth to it.

You can see more about these colours in my Part I video for this challenge:


  1. Hey Rich, did you finish your painting yet? On a side note what do you think of the Mission Gold pure pigment set? 24 15ml tubes of single pigment color, amazon us has the set for $85 USD and I am tempted:) the 36 set of 5ml with a palter is $58 but they are mostly mixes. It has great reviews tho...

    1. I've got camera issues but will upload it this weekend all being well. I've not tried Mission Gold myself - I have the Pure Pigments set on my amazon wishlist though, out of curiousity more than anything else. Big tubes of pure pigments at a good price makes me wonder about pigment load and pigment quality somewhat but I do hear good reviews - I just don't expect them to be too different from what i already have. I don't recall anything in there being things I didn't have already. I want to try the Pip Seymour watercolours made of lapis lazuli and real gamboge, real vermillion (cinnabar - Mercury sulfide) a lot - a half pan of the lapis lazuli ultramarine is 25x the price of a W&N half pan though...!

    2. The Pure Pigments set is £79 here (US$102) at the moment. I've had a look at what it contains - I have all the colours already but some of them are weird - the "Viridian" is 100% Phthalo Green BS (PG7) - Viridan proper is PG18, which is a hydrated chrome oxide and is a solid mineral rather than a dye - Viridian should be a pigment, not a dye. The "Cerulean Blue" is PB15:3, which is Pthalo Blue BGS (the blue-green shade) - it should be PB35, a copper tin oxide - another solid mineral pigment that they've exchanged for a dye. A lot of the other colours, however, are fine - it worries me a bit that they're swapping (expensive) mineral pigments for (cheap) dyes - sure, it makes for very transparent colours that a lot of people like, but why not just label them "Phthalo Turquoise" and "Phthalo Green BS" like any other company would? I find that weird.

    3. PS: I saw this - maybe a way to try some more of them for free?
      PS: If you want to email me, surname forename (written as one word, no space) at Gmail dot com.

  2. I'm looking for the finished painting. No judgement will be offered. I am very interested in how it came out with little used colors. Also 30 minutes to paint anything is hard for me to imagine. (Beginner)

    1. Hi Harriet - I had camera issues so I put off painting it until I could film the whole process - I've not had time yet though.

      Most watercolour is best done in 30-60 minutes - any longer and it starts to look over-worked. Painting quickly is more 'honest' and looks fresher.


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