Saturday 2 July 2016

Challenge: The Forgotten Friends Challenge Rules

So one of my favourite regular videos from a watercolour vlogger is Lindsay The Frugal Crafter's live tutorials that normally run at 1230h EST (which is 1730h BST) - she's done the odd one much later in the day ad hoc that I really enjoyed too. She paints something intermediate to advanced but with an eye to teaching and inspiring and narrates what she's doing. She does them with her friend, Sarah The Unseen, who reads out viewers' questions from the live chat that typically has 300+ people from all over the world participating. I really learn a lot from these videos and the very relaxed and loose style. Lindsay this week painted a rocky shore with breaking waves, based on a photo by John Warren at PaintMyPhoto (one of my favourite resources for photographers and painters alike), she did so with Naples Yellow as one of her colours since she doesn't use it much. It's one of my favourites but actually, I don't use it that much either, so I had an idea and suggested it to Lindsay who liked it so now it's a thing ;o)

The Forgotten Friends Challenge
This is designed to make us use those colours we neglect - you can use 3 to 6 colours but they must be ones you own but just never think to use or remember to use. I originally thought of picking a red, blue and yellow but actually 6 is a pretty good number - so minimum 3, maximum 6. You have to post a Part I vlog/blog post showing which colours you've picked and why and tagging as many watercolourists as you like. You then have 24h to think about what you want to paint and then paint it. You can only paint for 30 minutes - no longer - so this is a nice quick challenge. Please paint no smaller than a few postcards in size as it needs to be big enough for others to see what you did. You can do any subject you like and you might want to talk about that in your Part I video/blog post. You can use as many brushes as you want or whatever paper you like. The main rule is you get one attempt only! In your Part II vlog/blog, you can talk about the picture, how you found painting it, what you learned from it, which colours you will/won't be using again and so on. You can film the painting process and speed it up and narrate it, if you want.

Colours: 3 to 6 colours you own but just never use for whatever reason. No more, no less, but you can use white gouache for snow/sea spray if you need it - that's a given.
Brushes: Whatever you like.
Paper: Ditto!
Part I: Show the colours you have chosen, talk about why you picked them and any ideas you may already have. Tag as many watercolourists as you like to make them take the challenge. You then have 24h to think about what to paint!
Part II: Show your finished painting, talk about what you learned, what you found hard or easy, which colours you loved and if you plan to use them again, and which colours you just hated and won't use again. You can film and narrate the painting process if you're brave enough!
Hashtag/label: #paintFFchal or paintFFchal

I also run through the rules in my Part I video:

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