Sunday 17 September 2017

Tiptoe through the tulips - acrylic on burlap

No, dear readers, I am not going to inflict upon you the true horror that was Tiny Tim. I'm instead going to inflict upon you the true horror of a little scribbling I did in my Dina Wakley Media Journal on Saturday night just before bed. I wanted to use one of the burlap pages and I had seen a pretty burlap painting of some waterlilies that Dina had painted last month, and it inspired me a lot - mostly the colours - to try painting on burlap again. As it was close to bedtime, this really IS just a sketch!

"Tiptoe Through The Tulips" (acrylic on burlap)


Ranger Dina Wakley Media Journal (BUY NOW USA, UK)
(I used a righthand burlap page - you will want to put some plastic or acetate under it as paint will go through, but that could also make a cool grid-like background on the next page if you want)

Daler and Rowney CRYLA acrylic paints in:
   Titanium White (BUY NOW USA, UK) [PW6 Titanium White]
   Quinacridone Deep Purple (BUY NOW USA, UK) [PR122 Quinacridone Red]
   Permanent Violet (BUY NOW USA, UK) [PR122 Quinacridone Red and PV23 Dioxazine Violet]
   Yellow Green (BUY NOW USA, UK) [PY74LF Arylide Yellow 5GX (lightfast version), PW6 Titanium White, PG17 Chromic oxide]
   Cadmium Yellow (BUY NOW USA, UK) [PY35 Cadmium zinc sulfide]

3/4" Golden Taklon paintbrush
(these are cheap - don't use costly brushes for acrylic painting, no need!)

Water and a damp rag to clean brush


STEP 1: I sketched a couple of vague tulip-flower shapes (or maybe they are poppies?) with a wet brush and the Titanium White and then filled it in with the same colour blended with both of the purples, to give light at the top and shade at he bottom. A little yellow at the very bottom of each flower created brown, which helped with shading. 

STEP 2: I sketched the stems and leaves in white again (I didn't bother to clean my brush at all during this painting, so some purple carried over), and then overlaid them with green and yellow. I also added some "ground" by just mixing all the colours ad hoc below the stems.

At each step, I roughly cleaned my brush on the edges of the burlap, to give it some shade.

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