Thursday 14 September 2017

Ah so happy - a full set! Wendy Vecchi Mini-Archival Ink Pads!

Oh frabjous day, look what came in the mail!

I've used Archival Ink for years and first ventured into Wendy Vecchi's glorious line last year I think when I was looking for an alternative to Jet Black that wasn't as harsh/fake looking - like most of the world, I went for Watering Can. And then I had to buy some of the coloured pads and the powders and a monster was born...

The mini Archival Ink pads that are 1/4 of the size of the normal ones are BRILLIANT if you lack space or if you have joint issues in your hands and find the large ones a little hard to hold at times - I know exactly what that feels like, believe me. Ranger has released them as follows:

Set 1: Vermillion, Monarch Orange, Library Green, Cobalt
[BUY NOW: USA $10.99, UK £10.86]

Set 2: Plum, Sepia, Coffee, Jet Black
[BUY NOW: USA $10.00, UK £8.01]

Set 3: Bright Tangelo, Chrome Yellow, Vivid Chartreuse, Manganese Blue
[BUY NOW: USA $9.90, UK £10.86]

Set 4: Vibrant Fuchsia, Paradise Teal, Majestic Violet, Shadow Grey
[BUY NOW: USA $9.90, UK £9.22]

Wendy Vecchi Set 1: Carnation Red, Sunflower, Garden Patina, Potting Soil
[BUY NOW: USA $9.99, UK £11.11]

Wendy Vecchi Set 2: Forget-Me-Not, Leaf Green, Cactus Flower, Watering Can
[BUY NOW: USA $9.99, UK £8.06]

I ordered them ages ago and all of them had arrived pace Wendy's Set 2, which just came. Sure, only Forget-Me-Not and Cactus Flower are new to me as I have the other colours in large pads but having Watering Can in a mini will make it easier for me to use it more often as it'll be less painful for me. I'm very excited about trying out Cactus Flower in some cool techniques I've been working on!

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