Monday 11 April 2016

YouTube Finds of 2016 - First Quarter

I've started interacting with people on YouTube this year, really for the first time in spite of using YouTube since it began - I wanted to share a few of my 2016 First Quarter favourites - just 5 channels will get selected every 3 months - not always obvious once I interact with a lot - just once that have touched me in some way.

Shonduras - What a nice guy. I found him totally by accident just last weekend and I was won over in seconds by his energy and sense of fun. If you have time, watch his video entitled "Draw My Life..." - I watched it and it was totally not what I expected. What a genuinely lovely, pro-active and enterprising guy. His vlogs with his wife and daughter are so cute too, if you need a fix of babycuteness...! [I don't but even I'll admit Adley's very sweet]

Jennifer McGuire - One of my first discoveries of 2016 actually - right around Xmas/New Year. Often I'm in too much pain to sleep so I like awake watching YouTube - somehow I ended up watching Blick Art Materials Lesson Plan videos, which I got hooked on, and then YouTube suggested I might enjoy Jennifer's videos. It was actually watching those that made me decide 2016 was the year to stop painting in secret, as I have for 20 years!

Kristina Werner - I came to her via Jennifer and she made me realise I could share my paintings as cards, if nothing else, and that I was more creative than I thought. Her beautiful hand lettering is something I will never master, however!

SupDaily06 - This is a totally honest, totally frank and warts-and-all vlog from a guy called Chris Thompson. He uses it often as an outlet and a means to vent, which can be hard to watch at times as you can really feel his pain. He's a nice guy though and makes a lot of effort to support LGB and trans* people and I really like that about him. He speaks a lot of common sense and I enjoy listening to him.

Dave Cad - This is one of those vlogs where I have no idea how I found him. But what's not to love? He's hilariously funny, full of energy and has a big inane grin for a start! He sometimes does videos speaking in Finlandsvensk (he's English but his ladyfriend is Findlandsvensk), which are really interesting (if you speak Swedish, of course!).

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