Saturday 23 April 2016

Colour Translation: Beta Fish

Something I've loved for about 6 months now are the various watercolour tutorials by Lindsay The Frugal Crafter, which are often in the same impressionist and loose style I enjoy when painting watercolour. When I've tried to work from them though, I've found getting a good colour match for e.g. a "Rose" in a paint line she's using in the USA is pretty hard here in Europe where a lot of the popular US brands are pretty obscure and so do I use "Permanent Rose" or "Opera Rose" or "Quinacridone Rose"? Different brands have different pigment formulations of course. So, I set about researching the Turner Watercolours line of paints that Lindsay works from - not to be confused with the other Turner paints out there are which inferior brands - this line is artist-quality and appear very good indeed though I've yet to try them.

So, what I've begun doing is posting on here and on Lindsay's Youtube feed every now and again to translate what those paints would be in other brands, to help other painters out there. I've provided links to buy the Turner ones from Amazon UK if anyone wants to try them out - I promise I'll road-test them in the net few months, but I have a long list of things to get through already!

First video I'm doing it with is this Beta Fish video from Friday 22nd April 2016:

Colours used here are as follows and how they translate into different brands that use alternative names - I didn't get the green used in the seaweed as that was when the feed dropped out.

Turner: Quinacridone Magenta (PR211 Quinacridone Red) - equivalents will be either the same name or "Magenta", "Permanent Rose" or "Permanent Magenta" in Winsor & Newton or Daler & Rowney paints - "opera rose" has the same pigment plus a fugitive dye, so will fade, but is a much brighter shade so may not give the same results but should give a similar result. "Rose Red" and "Rose Madder (Hue)" may also have PR211. Daler & Rowney paints

Turner: Turquoise Blue (PB28 Cobalt Blue) - this is used in "Cobalt Blue" in most brands but be sure to find a "Cobalt Turquoise" or "Cobalt Blue Light" than has a lower pigment concentration to give a lighter colour.

Turner: Yellow Ochre (PY43 Natural Yellow Iron Oxide) - this is the same name in most brands. Some will use PY42 (Yellow Iron Oxide) instead/as well - which is just a different synthetic version - very similar, however.

I'm going to try and do this for all of Lyndsay's watercolour tutorials as I found it a pain trying to figure out what some of the colours were called in the brands we have here in the UK.

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