Sunday 10 April 2016

Product Review: IK Multimedia iKlip Grip 4-in-1

I've gotten SO sick of having to record wonky review videos and so on where I just can't get a good overhead angle. My current set-up is a pretty amateur one - ok the hardware and software a good - an iPhone 6 Plus with FiLMiC Pro, with editing in post done using Adobe Premiere Elements 14 - but the accessories suck - a Gorilla Pod tripod with a ShoulderPod S1 clip to hold the phone. It's just not enough to get a good overhead view. So, today I went tripod hunting and I picked up an IK Multimedia iKlip Grip 4-in-1 from my local Apple store. It's one of those god-awful selfie-sticks monopods, which can also act as a mini tripod and a tall tripod some manner of extension for a traditional tripod. Whatever, it's the tall skinny tripod option I'm out for!

As always with these silly trendy products, it comes in stupidly over-engineered packaging, with hipster-friendly instructions, the obligatory pointless mini-catalogue of the rest of the product range and a daft bit of paper with QR codes on. Said bits of paper were useful in that they gave me a registration code to register my device or a QR code to use that would enter the aforementioned code into the registration website for me - that's a really nice feature and is really helpful to disabled people who struggle to type or can't remember numbers. There was a link to download "free apps" or similar too, but the only actually free one was for a microphone product they also sell - all the rest were very costly and none relevant to this item.

The instructions were illustrative and it was very easy to put together - in fact, no instructions were needed, no way, no how. It wasn't that good in practice - in that I wanted it solely for the "tall thing tripod" mode of operation, and that, when combined with the camera/phone clip supplied and an iPhone 6 Plus is very, very top-heavy. A clear design flaw in that the legs of the tripod part should be weighted! Any camera could easily topple this when used on the highest setting if you're trying to angle it downwards, to view the desktop, as I plan to.

There is a BlueTooth remote supplied with button "A" for iPhone and "B" for Android (each button does other stuff too) - reminded me of very old telephone boxes - this was very easy to use and I had no issues with it whatsoever. It operates the shutter when your iPhone is in "Camera" mode and operates "Record On/Off" when it is in "Video" mode - it has no functionality within apps such as FiLMiC Pro, however, which is a shame as they're probably more commonly used that the default apps nowadays.

Looks: *******--- 7/10
Recyclableness: ********** 10/10
Readability: ********** 10/10

Clear English: n/a - entirely illustrated
Ease of use: ********-- 8/10

Usefulness: ****------ 4/10 (as only half the functionality is what I need, the rest is daft and wasted and weighted legs would really help)
Robustness: ********-- 8/10 It's mostly plastic, but pretty strong.
Value for Money: ****------ 4/10 No way does 2 feet of plastic cost £50.


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