Sunday 17 April 2016

What's coming up in the next few weeks?

Yes, I know I've not posted in nearly a week - I have been busy creating content, however! I've reviewed two student-grade watercolour sets, one budget acrylic set, two different ranges of acrylic brushes, two different ranges of watercolour brushes and done a couple of acrylic techniques videos. I've also been sent some really cool watercolour and printing papers to review, which I'm halfway through doing.

On top of all that, I need to get some better lighting to improve my video qualities - should be here in a couple of weeks.

I've also decided to do something for "the greater good" and to start "translating" the paints used in various painting tutorials into what the equivalents would be in different ranges of paints. Something that has struck me both from reproducing some of Lindsay The Frugal Crafter's tutorials that it's taken me a while to work out what the best match in my preferred range would be. From taking part in her live chats, many of those present ask about other paint brands and are from all over the world - so I'm not the only one who'd benefit from this information I've been looking for for my own benefit - hence I'll share them.

I'm just finalising the logistics of how I'm going to format this information to make it easy to use.

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