Thursday 2 March 2017

Schmincke Horadam - New 2017 releases!

I'm a very lucky boy, because Schmincke have VERY kindly sent me a very large number of watercolour paints to try out and review (a very large number of similar magnitude is formally known as "one f*cktonne", FYI).

I've recorded a video (embedded at the end of this post) of me swatching out all 35 colours in the sampler they sent to me, but I've got ACTUAL TUBES AND PANS so I will be doing some proper paintings with them in due course to try them out which will be in Part 2 of the review later in March. I will also be doing reviews of Schmincke's other watercolours as they sent me the entire series in various formats, which will be a joy! 140 colours!!! If you're not au fait with Schmincke, they're a fantastic company with beautiful paints that lift-off onto your brush SO easily and which are very easy to control because they carefully optimise the vehicle for each and every colour - so they all behave optimally - they also physically cram the maximum amount of pigment into every paint, so you're getting a lot for your money and they really last a long time. You can see them in action in my previous review of their really cute 12-half-pan set, which has a lovely selection of colours. 

It's worth noting this video was the first proper outing of that Size 10 Prolene Plus travel brush I featured previously - it's SO good - nothing but praise for it and it worked great on the paints that are more stubborn to re-wet.

You can buy these 35 new paints from Jackson's where they are very reasonably priced and ship worldwide - they are selling almost all of them at up to 30% off of the RRP, which represents a fantastic saving. I use Jackson's all the time and they always give prompt service and are great at customer care - I can honestly say that they're one of my favourite retailers of art materials and they always have great prices. If you want any of the original Schmincke watercolours, you can also buy those from Jackson's too. I also noticed they had some great deals on sets of Schmincke paints too - from as little as £39.60 (reduced from £59.00) - which is US$48.00 down from US$72.50.

You can also get Schmincke 12-pan sets from various vendors worldwide (all prices correct at time of posting):
Amazon USA: US$191.31, or US$62.74 if you don't mind a long lead time!
Amazon UK: £59.76 reduced to £54.01
Amazon Canada: CDN$170.92 reduced to CND$142.96
DickBlick U$227.55 reduced to US$155.59 [NB: this is the set of FULL pans, not half pans, which means this is one KILLER deal - not only 31% off of the list-price but even cheaper than the half pan set usually is and TWICE the amount of paint!]
JACKSON'S ART SUPPLIES: £63.19 reduced to £49.50.
[don't forget, if you're using Amazon USA or UK, you can make major savings on shipment using Amazon Prime, which you can try for FREE for one month right now - sign up (USA) or sign up (UK)]

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