Monday 6 March 2017

A little entertainment interlude...

I know many of you enjoy my sense of humour and my more than slightly acerbic view of the world. Tonight I have watched the latest DVD by a comedian I have loved for over 20 years, so I thought I would share her work, just in case you're interested - if not, keep walking and just ignore this. 

She writes songs that are either hysterical or heartbreaking, and, sometimes, both. Her name is Dillie Keane, and she's better known perhaps as the founding member of Fascinating Aรฏda. I'll give you a little taster with two songs both from her new live DVD - one funny, one serious:

"PAM" - a song of what you wish you could pluck up the nerve to say to the bit-on-the-side when you find out your better half is cheating.

"LOVE LATE" - a beautiful song she wrote in 1999 as a gift to her then new partner (who she's still with) for her first Christmas with him. It's about finding love that bit later on in life - she was almost 50 at the time.

Her latest DVD is called "Hello Dillie!" and you can buy it here in the UK, USA or Canada, respectively - you can also get the soundtrack on iTunes:
You can also get various other DVDs and CDs (and sometimes even the odd record - she has been doing this since 1983, after all!) from the following Amazon USA, UK and Canada links:

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