Saturday 11 February 2017

What happened when I sent The Frugal Crafter some NEW STUFF!

If you've not already seen it, check out Lindsay's video from last week (at the bottom of this post) in which she unboxed some stuff that I sent to her and went on to create a beautiful picture of a butterfly using it! I've embedded it at the bottom of this post but as so many of you have asked me about the various products I sent to her and where to get them, I thought I'd curate most of them all in one place for you:

Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils
I sent Mrs W a random selection of pencils based on 10 that I really enjoyed using - but they're more economical if you buy them in tins online, at least. In your local art store you might see them in open stock instead. They are lovely and the formulation is a mix of powdered charcoal, clay and high-quality pigments. They are much like a pastel but smudge more like charcoal - they go onto the page smooth as silk and you can create beautiful effects - they are dry but not chalky or scratchy and I've found them a joy to use!
Set of 6 (Burnt Orange, Lavender, Ocean Deep, Forest Pine, Peat, Natural)
Amazon UK [£6.91]; Amazon USA [US$16.99 US$14.53]; Amazon Canada [CDN$22.00 CDN$18.11]; DickBlick [US$16.99 US$11.89]; Jackson's [£8.75 £7.30]

Set of 12 (Sand, Glowing Embers, Lavender, Mountain Blue, Ocean Deep, Green Moss, Dark Moss, Driftwood, Peat, Natural, White, Charcoal Dark)
Amazon UK [£18.36 £14.42]; Amazon USA [US$21.23]; Amazon Canada [CDN$47.00 CDN$34.93]; DickBlick [US$35.99 US$25.19]; Jackson's [£20.50 £17.10]

Set of 24 (Sand, Burnt Orange, Sunset Pink, Glowing Embers, Heather Mist, Burnt Embers, Lavender, Thistle, Bilberry, Elderberry, Mountain Blue, Ocean Deep, Slate, Forest Pine, Green Moss, Dark Moss, Driftwood, Peat, Burnt Earth, Natural, White, Charcoal Light, Charcoal Medium, and Charcoal Dark)
Amazon UK [£36.51 £26.13]; Amazon USA [US$31.12]; Amazon Canada [CDN$71.49 CDN$42.91]; DickBlick [US$71.99 US$50.39]; Jackson's [£40.75 £34.00]

Pentel Aquash Waterbrushes

I sent Mrs W the 3 pack (Small, Medium, Broad), but I had unpacked it for ease of shipment. These are my favourite waterbrushes and I honestly have had no real issues with them in years of use!

Amazon UK [£19.94 £7.40], Amazon USA [US$13.15], Amazon Canada [CDN$28.86 CDN$22.12], DickBlick [US$22.20 US$18.79]; Jackson's [£20.00 £18.00]

Winsor & Newton Artist's Watercolour - 550 Quinacridone Violet
This is one of the Twilight Set of limited edition colours and a lot of you liked it when Lindsay used this in her painting and asked about it - get it whilst it lasts as it is no longer being made. PV55 Quinacridone Purple is the pigment, it's transparent and staining and lightfast and BEAUTIFUL! Get them while you last - these are the very last stocks out there of these colours!!!

5mL tube of 550 Quinacridone Violet
Amazon UK [N/A], Amazon USA [US$12.22], Amazon Canada [CDN$32.82], DickBlick [US$12.25 US$7.35]; Jackson's [£6.70 £5.00]

Twilight Set of Limited Edition tubes, 6 x 5mL (Quinacridone Violet, Sanguine Red, Dumont's Blue, Chromium Black, Aqua Green and Cobalt Green Deep)
Amazon UK [£34.98], Amazon USA [US$70.39], Amazon Canada [N/A], DickBlick [N/A]; Jackson's [N/A]

If you want a close match to the purple and can no longer get hold of it in your area, you could try this close match:

Daniel Smith 225 Quinacridone Purple (PV55), 5mL tube
Amazon UK [£7.03], Amazon USA [US$10.26], Amazon Canada [CDN$37.51], DickBlick [US$10.69 US$6.95]; Jackson's [£7.99 £6.80]

Bockingford "Rough" Watercolour Paper
I had sent Mrs W a range of papers in this care-package but the one she used in the video below was Bockingford in the Rough texture and it was a superheavy paper - 250lb (525gsm) - which is the same paper I prefer to use day to day. It's a chemical pulp (wood) paper and can really take a lot of water - I love it. At 250lb, it is only available in Imperial loose sheets, but these links are for the Rough 140lb (300gsm) paper in pads (9" by 12"), which are an economical way to try this very rough-textured, strong paper. I do recommend you stretch it before use in the 140lb incarnation.

Amazon UK [£10.52], Amazon USA [US$14.39], Amazon Canada [CDN$19.21], DickBlick [N/A]; Jackson's [£9.12 £7.90]

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