Wednesday 15 February 2017

Another vendor to help our UK customers

In demand from the now c. 20% of my audience who are in Canada, I added Amazon Canada Associates links to all of my new content so that you could find things very easily after watching my videos and could shop in a way that gave something back, which several of you said you could not do. 

Whilst I'm happy to do this, I realise that Amazon and similar companies have buying-power that smaller companies can never match,a and I want to give smaller companies a chance too, even when they're not the cheapest option, as I know many of you - myself included - will shop in a smaller shop given the choice. As such, I've added Jackson's Art Supplies, who I've found to be a really friendly and helpful shop and really swift with orders. They also always seem to have good deals on and you get to the checkout and find a free tube of paint or similar. I like that about them and I trust them, so I decided to start linking to them as well - but they turned out to have an Affiliates Scheme, which I've of course signed up to. You will pay the exact same prices as if you went straight to their website, but I get 5% commission, effectively, on anything you buy from them, if you went to their website via a link or banner from my website and then filled your cart and placed your order. Note, you have to click through then add items to your cart of they're not counted.

So, from now on, all item lists under my videos and on my website will have links for Amazon UK, USA and Canada;, and Jackson's Art Supplies, which should suit everyone's needs in terms of my major customer demographics.

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