Sunday 22 January 2017

Prima Watercolor Confections: Pastel Dreams set

I finally took delivery of the Pastel Dreams set yesterday and have just uploaded a video of my first impressions - including some swatching, mixing and a sketch of a seascape just to see how well the colours move on wet paper etc. The video is embedded below.

By the way, Prima Marketing have retconned their 5 sets now and given all of the colours names, after all, calling them "mix 23 and 46" was getting ungainly! You can find out the names of all of the colours here.

If you want to buy these sets in the USA or UK you can do so using these links and I'll get back a small fraction of Amazon's proceeds (but you don't pay a penny more than you would normally). All these proceeds get reinvested in my channel and I don't take a person profit.

BUY PASTEL DREAMS FROM AMAZON UK:I paid £14.80 for this exact same link/vendor - it's now £17.70 but still a huge bargain - the palette alone is worth £20 from most companies.

BUY PASTEL DREAMS FROM AMAZON USA: $28.00 reduced to $20.80 - THIS SHIPS TO UK AND MAYBE EU - and is cheaper than the AMAZON UK link based on today's exchange rate!

If you're interested in the Tropicals or the Decadent Pies sets, you can see the videos linked in the last 20 seconds of this video, or you can find purchasing information and links in this older post of mine.

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