Wednesday 18 October 2017

PSA: Faulty batch of Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paint in "Magenta"

I just wanted to put up a quick post to let everyone know in case they've had a bottle from this batch - please contact Ranger's Customer Services people. They're really helpful and swift in what they do and it was honestly really easy to deal with them, unlike many companies nowadays! They offered to ship me a replacement immediately but I didn't want one as to be honest, this paint is still useable and I've had no issues using it for monoprints or for painting with, but I wasn't planning to do any impasto work with it right now. By the time they'd get a new bottle to me from the USA, the carbon footprint and cost to them would not be justifiable given I'm happy to use it as it is - but that may not be the case for everyone so if you have one of these bottles and are struggling to use it, speak to them about it. Even if you're happy to use it like I am, contact them anyways as it'll help Ranger to trace how widespread this is. When there are issues like this, I do feel strongly that it's up to the community to help our valued suppliers by reporting how widespread the batch has gotten etc. Please also post a comment on this blog post as it may help others to know where you got it from - and obviously contact your vendor so they know to speak to Ranger themselves and maybe take it off of the shelves.

Per my recent haul, I got many 2 fl. oz. bottles of Dina Wakley's wonderful acrylic paints - all of which have a lovely thick body and dry in the conditions of my studio in under 5 minutes. The Magenta though was like milk or a thin cream - could not hold its shape and took over 30 minutes to dry. Not right! Weirdly, the bottom of the bottle didn't have a Lot Number or Date of Manufacture per usual, but Ranger's people DID manage to trace the issue to a batch that somehow got released when it shouldn't have and that was missing an ingredient - I was the first to report it so we don't know how widespread the issue is. I know the batch mine was from came into the UK between 25th Sept and 10th Oct based on it having been out-of-stock at my vendor of choice on 25th but in stock on 10th when I ordered. It only seems to be impacting the Magenta paint as far as we can tell.

Here's the bottom of the bottle showing the lack of lot/date:

And this shows the consistency when it came from the bottle - note it POURED out on its own - it didn't need squeezing. It did not hold this shape for long and formed a uniform puddle that then took hours to dry, whereas the other thick wiggle swatches I did at the same time took 15 minutes (as they were a thick layer, 5 minutes normally).

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