Wednesday 12 April 2017

Service Disruption

Hello viewing millions. I'm going to need to take a break from YouTube and my website for about a month from now - so about mid-May when I resurface. I'm not going to go into details, but I will still be uploading a video or so each week on auto-drip-feed for the time being.


1) Do not email, tweet, comment asking me anything including 'just' "Are you ok?" - I'm sorry to say it but I'm hellishly busy and I honestly can't reply to that many comments/emails as it is right now - please respect my need for peace right now, as I'm up to my neck in things that need doing, so I want to take a vacation from my channel for a few weeks - I know most people will recognise that this is like Annual Leave from work and that you don't email people when they're on leave from work - but I also know from past experience of saying similar and getting 5 emails in under 24h from the same person, the first beginning "I know you said not to email you but...". I just want to avoid recurrences! 
2) Please don't speculate on or offline re: what's going on - it's no one's business but mine. It's nothing anyone needs to be concerned about, I'm just too busy to do much with my channel right now, in short, so I'm on vacation from it. The reasons don't matter to anyone but me.
3) Please don't send me anything to review/as a gift right now - I'm physically unable to DO anything with my channel right now and I have a queue a mile long of products I need to post reviews of - it's honestly not helping the backlog if people send me more stuff - I do appreciate the gesture but I would rather you gave to charity or something instead - The Albert Kennedy Trust is my pet charity.

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